Asset Protection

The state of Iowa was  blessed with deep, rich, black soil, sometimes referred to as Iowa Gold.  However, researchers report Iowa farms have lost over 1/2 of their top soil over the last century.

The Department of Agriculture estimates that the sustainable rate of top soil loss for most of Iowa is 5 tons per acre and the actual soil erosion rate is 5.2 tons per acre.  Some groups, based on research conducted by Iowa State University, argue the actual amount of erosion is double the current estimates.

The productivity of your land is the most important asset you have.  To protect your investment, Cardinal Farms utilizes many traditional farming techniques combined with new technology to maximize yields while minimizing soil erosion and overall impact to our environment.

Wind_erosion_web Water_Erosion Water_Erosion_Between_Rows After_yellow-Cultivator Cover_vs_NoCover